Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The calm before the storm

I plan on giving you the pay by play on Stone Island beach. Being Monday today we weren't expecting it to be too busy, but we were stocked and organized anyway. As we were eating breakfast in the morning we were feeling pretty proud of all our new upgrades, new roof, a second bathroom stall is being built as we speak, we have some new table cloths, and new aprons, a new shelf in the kitchen...we were feeling pretty first class and then one of us found a little rock in the beans..ops, and then one of us found a peanut shell in the fresh cheese..ops, we all laugh, and then I remembered last week visiting a fairly posh restaurant in Mazatlan with some friends and one of us found a piece of carrot in the lemonade....so it can happen anywhere. 

This is at about noon, the boys next door rebuilt their palapa that got washed away a few days ago, they worked all day, singing, dancing and laughing at their misadventures, one guy tore his shorts and came over to borrow a pair of shorts. They had a hand saw and a machete as their only tool, one of my sisters boys finally went over there with his chainsaw (which was a bit over kill) once done they came over again to see if one of us had better handwriting they had to write up their sign...I'll try to take a picture of it today, it's very cool. You have to admire the entrepreneurial ism of these kids. 

About noon...a little busier than normal, but this is the calm before the storm, the weekend will be crazy. The city of Mazatlan is expecting 400, 000 people to visit, that means the population will double, not all these people will find their way to the Island

we did however run oout of cocos, the nearest tree was climbed and robbed of it's cocos

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