Saturday, March 23, 2013

Semana Santa

It is Samana Santa, which means Holy week, the week before Easter. During this week every Mexican that lives in land is going to scrape together, or borrow, beg an even steal enough money to take his/her family to a sunny beach somewhere in Mexico.....and ours was mighty sunny today. 
First let me show you how humid it was, it sounded like rain in the night but it was just the water from the humidly dripping from my banana trees. It dripped for a couple of hours in the morning. 

see the tittle water droplet on eh bottom of the big was 94% humidity today

and it was high tide.....very high, some newly build palapas got washed away last night

a new beach got craved out

see that lone stick sticking up...that was a palapa yesterday
Our palapa got totally rebuilt as well, in 2 days we had a whole new palapa, bigger and better than it was. It was fun to watch it go up. I love how people just walking by stop and help here. 

It was decided to leave the cocos on the tree that was growing through the roof

now that our space is bigger our sign looks small

I have never seen the waves this high ever....they were massive, thundering loud. The surfers loved it, but it sure looked scary to me. Yesterday I was on a bus going down the main street on Mazatlan and I saw the waves there as well, huge! and not s surfer out there, I thought that was odd, maybe the country/ranchero surfers are tougher and a little wilder than the city surfers. On my  walk this morning I counted 12 surfers out there. I talked to one of them and asked him if it was a little scary today, he said it was, but way to exciting to miss out on.

this is how the kids do their math homework here
There was some talk about updating our bathroom for Semana Santa, I was hoping for not to big of an update because I like sitting on the toilet at the end of a busy day and simply looking up to see the sunset. 

we got some new palm fonds and some butterfly wings, you can still see the sunset from the toilet. 
supplies for the day.... always fresh


Contessa said...

Love the new look of the restaurant. I agree, HUGE waves!! They came right up to our wall.

Rob said...

Nice shots of the restaurant re-build, Mary!

Rob said...

Any pics of Semana Santa action on the Isla would be great to see! (if you've got time;)