Friday, March 29, 2013


Once again the beach was a little busier than yesterday but yet not crazy...crazy is still to come. On my walk through the village going to the beach I noticed that anyone living alongside the main street has also got a booth set up in front of theri house selling anything from strawberries and cream (yup) to tamales to cocos to used clothes, ceviche...anything. There was a big chili truck that unloaded it's wares on an empty lot and was selling kitchen ware stuff, pots and pans, dishes, cutlery, plastic container of a sizes, soup bowls, pot name it they had it.

MY sister's 7 year old jumped in the water at 11 am and came out just as I was going home at 7:00 pm, she is a little shark. I love watching the kids play here, it seems growing up on a small Island makes them do things to the extreme, (not really the word I want), with more heart I guess is more like it. I've watched them play beach volley ball and soccer and football on the beach and regardless of age they all play with everything they have, never holding back, they always play as if they are playing for gold. If there is one kid on a team that is a tourist or not from here you can pick him out, he just doesn't have the drive..or heart.
I watched families set up camp in a small space, maybe an 8 x 8 feet of space and the whole family started a game of soccer and played as if the gold metal was at stake. Dads were sliding and rolling in the sand, summer salting, running in the ocean with clothes on to get the ball. Entertaining their kids with more heart than I have ever seen.

We have the Marines, and police and The Red Cross patrolling the beach on foot,  they have stopped allowing vehicles.
 Today I saw something and I was a bit dumbfounded and so I didn't get a picture. I saw the lifeguard on a guad with policeman on the back and he was holding what looked like a deer...yes a deer, so because that would have been impossible I thought it must have been a dog...they must have rescued a dog in the water.
As I am walking home at sunset I stop at my old house on the beach where some friends are now living and they are sitting outside watching the sunset and the last of the people walking home, they offer me a glass of wine...yes I need wine after my busy day, I'm exhausted. They tell me that it was a deer that was rescued iin the water. For some reason there was a deer swimming in the ocean (clearly lost) the guy on the boat that pulls the banana boats scooped him out into his boat and then the lifeguards and police escorted him off the Island....or maybe they are enjoying deer tacos se. Remember deer here are a lot smaller than in the north where I come from, they are the size of a big dog.
As I walk home from there I hear an auction...yes it sounded like a Mexican auctioneer...imagine. Could it be an auction? I follow the sound. Yes it's an auction, I"m watching a Mexican auction...what next? The guy with the chili truck full of wares is not auctioning off his stuff. He puts stuff in a plastic bag and auctions it, if no one bids me puts more stuff in the bag...and so one. I watched a lady buy a bag with 5 ceramic mugs for 40 pesos. So cool. The auctioneer and the ringman took turns, maybe to save their voice. If you think the Mexican speak Spanish fast....go to an auction. I didn't dare bid on anything for fear of having misunderstood. It was entertaining.
After I got home I did some laundry, I have to do laundry at night now because during the days the birds are eating mangoes in my mango tree and shitting on my laundry on the line so I now have to hang my laundry out at night and then bring it into my house in the morning to dry, it just doesn't dry at night.
And now I have to get ready for Friday....we are expecting CRAZY!

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Contessa said...

YEs it was a deer and it happened just out front of us near the Maria Coral Hotel. Photo on my blog. You should bring your laundry here to dry :)