Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good bye Mexico

This will be my last posting from Mexico, tomorrow I am on a plane heading to Northern Alberta Canada, but please keep following me.....as sad as we are right now it will be fun...I promise. Of course it has tor be amazingly hot these last few days, the evening have been absolutely magical. But it must come to an end some time. I am excited to see my family and friends, I am looking forward to having internet all the time. I am also looking forward to another new golf season and to start up my greenhouse and enjoy my garden at home.....hopefully I can also squeeze in some "watching laundry dry days".  
See you all in Canada, adios my beloved Mexico

Only on Stone Island can you hang a sigh like this...it says "dangerous curve ahead 20 meters" 

Learning how to make tortillas

Corn flour and water....just the right amounts

fresh tortilla hot of the fire is sooooo good

How do you like them coconuts?

I will miss my totopos