Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This is so cute, my Mexican sister's nephew and some of his buddies built this little shack to sell cocos from and rent out the jetski. Now imagine being 17-24 years old and hanging out here on the beach all week, I know some of these young men a little and there will be all sorts of shanigans happening here. There are selling cocos but they had a fire going and were cooking something the other day and came to borrow a knife sharpener, a spade, and some tinfoil yesterday. 

you just have to love their little table

This is the boys right next door to us, they've been over to borrow some things as well, when they built this I said to them that they were having way too much fun to call this work.

a little more people than will progressively get busier and then on Saturday....all hell will break loose

This is our only rag, we use it for everything...everything, not a half hour goes by without someone asking "where is the rag?", it is the ugliest dirty clean rag I have ever seen, I was repulsed by it at first until I got to know and see how often it was scrubbed with soap and bleach, it really is always clean, it just looks so disgusting. Yesterday I said "oh how I am going to miss my beloved rag when I am gone" (in Spanish of course) and we all laughed and now they all call it ,"maria's beloved rag". All day we talk about all the things I am going to miss when I am gone because I leave here on Sunday the 31st....yup, my time here is up and it is sad, very year it gets a little sadder to leave. I am sad to leave but happy to see my other family. It really is always a "basket case" of emotions to leave one home to go to another, there is even some guilt involved. I swear when God gave man the burden of toiling with the earth in the garden of Eden after the great fall from grace he gave women the burden of guilt. We feel guilty when we love and guilty when we don't, when I don't feel guilt I even feel guilty for that. It's a mess. It's the price I pay for having 2 homes....for now I am ok with that.

my beloved rag

cocos arrived yesterday morning, every 20 feet or so on this beach there is someone selling cocos, I suppose after Samana Santa all the coco trees on the Island are bare...
This is how you build new bathroom stalls. First a guy digs 2 (about 8 feet deep) holes with a spade, remember it's all sand here, then the holes are lined with stacked up tires and then the toilet is cemented in....thats plumbing. 

lThen the walls are put up

then you wait for cement to dry
The end of the many pictures do I have of this guy coming and going...lots

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