Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The bad tourist

I am back in Canada, not home yet but getting closer. I am hanging out with my sweet and beautiful daughter and my grandson. And, would you believe it my camera isn't here...I will be reunited with it by the weekend but what a bummer.

I did stop in Phoenix for 2 days on my way to Canada and rode around the Phoenix dessert on the back of a Harley....not because I am a biker or know anything about bikes or ever had the desire to do that but just because I have found in the past that whenever I step outside my little Canadian/Mexican box I have the most fun...lots of scary fun and also just because I am cool like that. But really...mainly because I have such cool friends everywhere.
I didn't get any pictures of me on the Harley because I was too excited and because I had my eyes closed most of the time and because I am such a bad tourist.....which means....I have to do it again.    People that know me are not going to believe this and since I have no pictures to back my story up I really have no defense...except, I could never have thought this up.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photos of semana santa

Check out Contessa's pictures of the Island on Friday, they are taken from higher up and with a much better camera. Nice shots.