Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another stellar performance at the hardware store

I am getting fairly settled in my new home, but it seems everyday I need something, I guess that's normal when you start from scratch. Of course I had to go to the hardware store and make a fool of myself, some of my best idiot performances have been seen at the hardware store.....they should have  video cameras there, maybe they do. I bet after work they sit in the warehouse in the back with a few beers and watch the funniest gringo movies. I bet I'm a movie star and don't even know it. My land lady told me I shouldn't plant certain plants, she gave me a long list of plants not to plant because the ants in the back yard would just eat them....I said "I'll fix that" I happened to watch my neighbor here sprinkle some white powder  on the ground a few months ago and when I inquired (nosy neighbors must inquire) what he was doing he said it kills ants. So proud of myself I was for now having this information I marched off to the hardware store (I needed a few other things as well) So, in my very bestest Spanglish I asked for the white powder that kills ants, that worked fine, he sold me a kilo of it, I do know that a kilo is 2.2 lbs, what I still don't know is what 2.2 lbs of white powder looks like, or how much parsley you get out of 2.2 lbs (lots).....buying stuff by the kilo is still a bit tricky for me. Then it dawns on me that this stuff might be highly toxic (you don't say) and I remember that my neighbor has 2 little kitties and there is a puppy living across the street, so I ask (this is where it all got turned sideways) if it would kill cats and dogs. After I walked away with my purchases I ran the conversation that had happened through my head and I realized that I may have said I wanted to kill the cats and dogs, that would explain the change in his tone with me, I notice that his tone changed during out conversation, I figured there was some kind of a mix up but I had my powder so I decided not to worry about what was troubling him. I hope he doesn't live near me. Next time I need to take the time to rethink what was said instead of waiting until I am almost home. 

I also needed a dustpan and broom, check out my dust pan, made out of an oil jug, genius or what? I asked if they had any "normal" dustpans, he said this was normal...ok. I do however remember my mother having a dustpan like this many years ago, but not made out of an oil jug, it was yellow and plastic I think, 

I didn't buy a spade, because my land lady gave me one, a house warming gift maybe. The broom was made by her, this is what she does for a living, she makes brooms out of dried palms, this is an amazing broom for sweeping up your yard, it;s like a  gentle rake.

Just need some shelves and curtains

Maybe some cozy cushions as well

This corner looks a little lonely 

Need some pillows, maybe a lamp

This will become a desk soon, just needs a little love....most likely will involve another trip to the hardware store

Winding wool into a ball with the help of my chair

The cat next door, the one that I don't want to kill

Now, on to a totally different subject, have you ever seen such a cute playhouse, someone made this little house out of love. I noticed it after I came back from Christmas making me think it was a Christmas gift. The house is made out of card board and it is painted, the door opens, the windows have curtains, it even has Christmas lights strung around the roof and the around the windows. It has little flower pots hanging beside the door and window, and a little rocking chair in front of it.  Someone put a lot of time into this, hardly any money was needed but lots of time, almost makes me tear up when I walk by. I love this. I've been meaning to seek a picture of this but kept forgetting my camera.


Brenda said...

We all make dumb mistakes in our attempts to speak Spanish. I think as we learn more we realize our mistakes sooner than we did when we knew less.
What a cute playhouse, definitely a work of love by someone.
Your place is coming together, it just needs some artwork on the walls to make it look more "homey"
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love seeing your home come together! Thank you for sharing. I imagine myself doing that, and I love it.

Yes, the playhouse is wonderful! Maybe one of these days you'll get to see the child(ren)it was made for.


Contessa said...

It really is looking great. Remember you've only been there a few days!! I have more small pots for you.