Saturday, February 11, 2012

no internet

I am all settled in my new home, everyday is a new adventure. For  instance, apparently hanging curtains takes 2 weeks....maybe longer they care not up yet. Hanging things onto a concrete wall is not as easy as  slamming a nail in the wall....this is also true for hanging closet rods, clocks, pictures.ect.
I also have no internet, I bought  a TelCel 3G stick and was told it would work just fine, NOT! Does not work in my house, maybe concrete walls are too dense, whatever the case they will also not refund my money, which was not a surprise.
So I have no pictures, although I am writing stories which I will download someday for you. I do have some interesting ones. Be patient with me.

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Contessa said...

Never ever thought about the concrete wall problem. You are so brave. TeCel has a variety of tricks to make it work, as you have no internet I will try and catch you are you walk past.