Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The big move

The big move happened yesterday, I think it took all of 15 minutes. Fridges got swapped out, shower got is good.
My new casa does however come with a few quirky things, which I knew it would.
I needed to do some laundry and that's when I noticed that my laundry water drains into my back yard. I can see the reasoning behind it, the pilla is in the front yard, the property slops down in the back, so the water just naturally runs down. I have plans on a garden back there and while I am all for recycling water I don't think my garden will appreciate soapy wash water, and the occasional bit of bleach. Here is the low down on the pilla, 99.9 % of Mexican homes have one of these and when I go home I miss it, I would love to have one at home.

I of course don't spit in my pilla, I have a bathroom sink this year, most people don't. I will get the plumbing figured out eventually. 
After a hard day of cleaning and organizing I decide to have a nice hot shower in my new shower, as I was standing there in the cascade of hot water reflecting on how blessed I am, perhaps feeling a bit smug with myself as well..... all the lights went out and the water stopped running, all the lights, it was some dark. Good thing I was done showering at this point I was just standing there enjoying the water...wasting water I guess it what it's called here. Good thing I had just unpacked and actually knew where the candles and lighter was. I find a towel light a candle and notice that the neighbors all have light (this is what I was afraid of) When all the lights are out that means it's not your problem but when only yours are out it's your problem. Then I remembered that when I was sweeping the sidewalk in front of the house I had notice that the breaker box was mounted outside on the wall of the house, I had thought to myself that that was a weird spot for it and wondered if people ever play jokes on each other and flick the switch as they walk by...humm. So I get dressed and head out there and sure enough I flick the switch and my lights come on. My shower must have flicked the breaker, will this happen very time I am in the se. 
This morning the land lady came by and I told her what happened, she said "when it does that you have to flick the switch", right, but how do we fix that I ask, she says " when it does that you flick the switch and then it's fixed" Right...duh. That all sounds so easy but when it does that I am in the shower, naked and wet, and the switch is outside..... hopefully this was an isolated incident and won't happen every time...we'll see. 
I also have some ubberly noisy neighbors, maybe after a while they will get bored with me once they find out I am really not that interesting, one lady inspecting my garbage that I put out last night and rearranged it, I must not have arranged it properly. 
I also have a little convenience store right next door, a very small one that takes up the front half of a little house, the family lives in the back half, this is will be very ....convenient, and makes it way to easy to step next door and buy a bag of Cheetos. 
The guy that drives the vegetable truck also lives 4 doors down, also very convenient. I did notice that when he drove up there were a lot of women that come out of their houses all at once and it seemed to be a social event, they kept him there for about 1/2 an hour (maybe even longer) chatting amongst themselves, he must know all the gossip on the Island. (they probably told him what was in my garbage....empty Cheetos bags) I always feel like I shouldn't be keeping him because he has a schedule to keep so I am always quiet rushed when I make my purchases. Now that I know that he knows everything (he must) I think I will make sure that he is my friend. The other vegetable guy (we have 2) is already my friend but this guy is new. 
Whats not so convenient is that I have no internet and as I am only here for 2 more months (whaaaa, where has the time gone) I may not bother with getting internet this year. I will go into the mainland and look into it anyway and see what the cost is and to see how easy it is to disconnect and reconnect as come and go. I have a shopping list for the mainland anyway. I used my laptop screen as a mirror this morning....I need a mirror, and a garbage can, and a mop pail (still), and curtain, shower rods...ect. 
As I get used to all the night sounds on my street I will let you know if the magic has followed me. And soon more pictures. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice post! As someone who enjoys your
slice of life posts about the isla, I was wondering if you could share your take on the costs of renting or buying. Was there once, (albeit on a day trip), rented quads, and generally observed a nice laid back pace, almost rural. Enjoy!

Rob in Regina