Monday, January 30, 2012

Automotive eye candy

Those that know me know that I come from a family that have gasoline fumes in their veins...well not really, but we are "car people", some more than others. Some of us get butterflies in our stomach when we hear a engine rev up, it get us all romantic and swoony (some of us) When a snowmobile roars by leaving a trail of exhaust fumes some of us breath deep and say "aaahhhhh", you know that sound you make when someone is massaging that really tight spot on the back of your neck...that's the sound. There are also some of us (not naming names) that can't drive by an auto junk yard without stopping and seeing what treasures they can find and most of us (some won't admit this) drive by craning their necks to see if they can spot a treasure from the road. A few years ago some of us dug out the old beaten cars that were "resting" in back yards, hay fields, and old barns, cleaned them up, put new tires on, smashed the glass out and painted numbers on them, built a dirt rack in a hay field and started racing cars on Saturday nights. I searched for a photo of my old race car but I couldn't find it this morning. These next few photos are "eye candy" for any "car people" out there. I think when cars die in North America they come to Mexico and live here happily forever after.

Some of us also collect garbage furniture.....Check out my new desk, I have exciting plans for this, it involves some paint and some Mexican tile....exciting

This "car people" thing comes to me from my mother's side, on my father's side I have inherited a love of "weird and/or different things"....somehow the love of exhaust fumes isn't considered weird enough to go under the heading of "weird and/or different things". One different thing I am looking for is hat for my daughter (apple doesn't fall far from the tree here), she wants me to bring her back a hat like this, if you happen to see one like this somewhere please let me know. It's not your standard cowboy hat, it's taller with a wider brim. This cute guy is from the movie "All the beautiful horses" and she figured since parts of this movie was filmed in Mexico this would be the place to find a hat like this.

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