Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whats on the wash line today?

I went to my mother's a few days ago and she asked me if I needed a rug for my front door. I actually do need a rug for my front door. She showed me a rug laying on a chair and I wasn't really interested in it but underneath it was a very familiar rug that really caught my eye. One from my past, way back when, when I was a kid this rug was always in front of our door. "oh my, are you giving this away?" I asked. No, she said "I would like to throw it in the garbage". I'm shocked, she was going to throw away one of my memories. How could she even think of throwing it away? I snatched it up as if I had just rescued a lost puppy, I had saved a memory from the trash. I put it in my car safe and sound vowing that this rug would sit in front of my door for the rest of my life. Let me tell you about the rug;

The rug on the left is my rescued memory rug
My mother was recycling way before recycling was cool, she was crafting way before it was cool. Do you remember pantyhose?

Pantyhose was something that a lady in my mother's generation wore everyday and they never got thrown in the garbage regardless of how many snags and runs they had. First they were patched with clear nail you remember this? Then eventually they were saved to make rugs. She cut them into long thin strips and then sewed all the strips together, making 3 strips and then she made one long long braid, then sewed the braid together into a round rug (by hand). After awhile the rug didn't want to lie flat so she completely ripped it apart, unbraided it and crocheted the long strips into a rug. It is just a single crochet with an increase at the each end. This rug has got to be at least 30 years old, well used and only has a few small holes in it. It is my new treasure. This makes me wonder if I will end up (or maybe have already) throwing something out that my child will think of as a great treasure. Funny how different things spark fond memories in some but not in others. I look around my home and wonder what could be a wonderful memory for my child, and would it mean anything to me? Is it my old toaster, is it my fruit bowl, or my tea cup, is it a certain pillow case or a chipped saucer? Who knows. I'm not usually very hasty to throw stuff away but I really think this rag could go in the trash as soon as it is dried, what do you think? It used to be a dishcloth and then it became a rag, I had not realized in what shape it was in until I took a step back to admire my laundry hanging on the line (like I always do) I never get tired of looking at the laundry on the line, it is always a beautiful sight (except for that one sad rag) I promise once it's dry I will throw it away.

Can you believe I went to the trouble of washing and hanging this rag to dry?
Almost forgot a garden shot


Brenda said...

My mom used to make rugs like that also and then she made ones out of the old blue jeans of my brothers, I was not allowed to wear jeans as I was a girl. That was my first purchase as a young married woman lol.
Anything that could be used again was and still is in her house and I guess she passed that gene down to me also as I have a hard time throwing things out.
When my one grandma died they were going to throw out all her clothes. I saved them and made a quilt from them that I used for many years, every time I looked at it I remembered grandma wearing the different housedresses. It eventually wore out to a point where I couldn't fix it anymore and it had to go in the garbage. I wish now that I wouldn't have used it and would have it now just to look at and remember her by.
Personally, yes, I can believe that you washed that rag and also personally I would not throw it away yet. I would cut off the ragged hole part and use the good part for a dust cloth lol.
Is that taking it too far???
I cut up all the old flannelette pjs and sheets, etc. for cleaning cloths and also always cut all the buttons off of things before throwing them out only if they are no good for cleaning rags.
I think I was bitten by that recycle bug a long time ago.

Contessa said...

I remember those rugs..recycling has always been around! Don't throw the rag out, it still has lots of use.