Monday, July 18, 2011

You know you're a redneck when.......

A friend stopped by my house the other day and asked if I could help her get her lawn mower to the repair shop with ol’Blue (my truck) , I looked at her a little sheepishly with my head down, you see ol’ Blue was a bit indisposed at the moment.  A few weeks ago I had hauled home some manure home for my gardens because I have learned that you can just never have enough manure. I didn’t clean the box of the truck out very well after I was done, leaving some manure in the grooves in the floor and in the corners, and then it rained. Apparently when they built ol’Blue way back in 1986 they didn’t put drainage holes in the floors and so the box filled with water, and water and manure mixed together makes manure tea, otherwise known as gardeners gold....or at least that is what I call it. As soon as I drive out of my driveway and get to level ground all the tea will pour out of the crack at the bottom of the tailgate spilling it all over the manure tea wasted on the pavement....can’t have that. So I have not driven it saving the tea to water my plants as needed, but since it rained I haven’t had to water a lot and so there sits ol’ Blue in the driveway with a box of manure tea, too precious to be wasted. I had planned on making some manure tea in a big garbage can but just had not gotten around to it yet, the rain did it for me.

The beautiful manure tea
Whats new in the garden you ask?

2 1 jar of pesto in the freezer, ate one already
The cucumbers are climbing the willow teepees, and are blooming

The first second bowl of Saskatoons
The pumpkin is moving upwards, have I mentioned how much I love creeping, crawling and vining plants.....I love love love them
The peas, onions and Nasturtiums are getting very very friendly, I worry about my onions, they don't seem to be getting very big onions

Here is a surprise, I had one little runty Nasturtium left and decide to fill a space between 2 cucumbers, this is now the  biggest Nasturtium in the whole garden, the cucumbers, which you can't see now are going to have to start climbing up or get smothered.

Patiently waiting for the first red tomato

The greenhouse jungle of peppers and tomatoes
The watermelon and Marigold have married and have become one

The grapes are so tiny I had to zooooooom in real close, I think I will set the table with the finest china when I sit down to eat these 9 grapes, it will certainly be an event
Here is a shot of the ugly garden bed, the Raspberries. Last year I planted Raspberries but forgot to water them (I know, so dumb) so in the spring I got some from a friend and tried again and they died as well, so a week ago I got some more and they are not looking so good. I wanted to create a privacy hedge with them against my chainlink fence. At this rate it will take years. 

Pathetic Raspberries
Potatoes are in bloom, I have resisted all week to check underneath for tiny little fresh potatoes, perhaps this week I'll have a peek
Wild mint picked at the golf course, I dry it and make tea with it. 

The most beautiful lilies I have ever had. 
The green fence is creeping, soon the squash will help it out


Trinidad said...

wow I am sooo jealous! Your garden is a beauty :) I used to garden a very long time ago. Now I don't have the space but will pretty soon!

Nancy said...

Your garden is just beautiful! I love it! Made me hungry just looking at it, and I would love some of that pesto, too. Saludos!