Monday, July 18, 2011

They are here!

I did it, I snooped under a potato plant and found beautiful, baby potatoes. So new, fresh and perfect. So perfect that you need only hose off with the garden hose and plop them in the pot. I slightly sauteed some Swiss chard and garlic in olive oil, sliced the boiled potatoes on top, topped with some onion greens, a dollop of butter and little thick cream. Served with the first baby beets and a spoonful of farm fresh egg salad. My first perfect garden meal this summer, I would like to eat this everyday. This is my favorite way of eating potatoes, in Canada that is, the Mexican potato is a ubberly delicious as well. 


Brenda said...

Oh those new potatoes look sooooo good, I am drooling over the picture. What a yummy looking meal.
We don't get new baby red potatoes here and they are so good stolen from underneath the plant.
I love them with a little bit of fresh dill along with the butter and cream.

Trinidad said...

Oh yes I am with Brenda on this one. I just had lunch and am still savoring your plate.

Dill is one of my favorite ingredients. My mom always sprinkles Dill weed on salad and I really like it.

Mary Klassen said...

I had planned on having some fresh dill on the potatoes but I was so excited to start eating I totally forgot about it until I had finished. Next time.

Contessa said...

Yum! Your garden is fabulous.