Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garden Promises

I have to tell you I just haven't had a lot of ambition to do anything inside the house lately, including writing long winded blog posts so I've been cheating and just posting a lot of pictures and short commentaries. I promise I'll go back to boring you with all kinds of stories once the weather stops being so nice...seriously, it's been hot hot hot and more hot with a few short little rain showers in between, which my garden is lovin, let's have a tour and see what promises it is giving me;

The Zucchini are making some pretty big promises.....we'll see.

There is a promise of a pumpkin pie
The very first red tomato promised to be delicious .......

and was.

The rest were nobby and not perfect but yet so delicious. 
Delicious very time.
yup.... I never get tired of fresh tomatoes.

and promises of more.....

promises of tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato juice and salsa
Promises of some split pea soup

Beans and squash aren't making any promises yet.....I'm watching closely.

The celery is promising to be amazing if I just had the heart to cut's so beautiful I don't want to.
This squash is promising to make it to the top of the arbor but isn't actaully promsiing any squash yet, oh well I guess you can't have it all.
The strawberries promised me many many strawberries and then only gave me a handful, and now they are again promising me many many, how many times will I fall for these tricks? I've been courting them all summer and soon they better put out or get out of this 4x8 bed that could be used by something more productive. 
The beets, have fulfilled all promises, they are beautiful, juicy, healthy from top to bottom and have kept me peeing red all summer. 
The poor beans, I couldn't protect them from the grasshoppers, I fought a hard battle with the garden hose and the pasty flour, but yet, they are still promising beans. 
The raspberries seem to be holding out on me......not making any promises. 

I promised to have have more relaxing Sundays.....and I did (once)

The cucumbers are still promising to get on top of the  Nasturtiums, and I promised to throw that rag on the line out...opps

There was promises of rain.....and it rained.
That's it, that's all I have for you this week. I promise I'll have more next week. 

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Contessa said...

I love your "cheating" post. It's ok by me, love all your produce. Great shot of the radishes on the workbench table. The most important thing is for you to just enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.