Monday, March 21, 2011

Take a walk with me

I grabbed my camera and went for a early morning walk today, it was about 6:30am. It`s hard to take pictures during the day when there are so many people about so I thought I would get a head start on the village today. Nope....I was not the only one up, but it was still quiet. So come with me, let`s check out the village.
My favorite plant here is the Bugambilia, love the colors and love how it drapes and clings to things

This is how you slow the traffic down in front of your house, you string around a big fat rope

These dudes were putting up a new one on main street this morning

This first guy across was the gaspa truck, he drives around all day honking and playing a catchy jingle. This is the gas that people use to power their stoves and hot water heaters....if they are so lucky to have them.

This house was hot pink a few days`s 2 doors down from me

Love how people here have front porches with hammocks and rocking chairs on them and ......they use them. How many of us at home actually sit on our decks and relax, not often. People here know how to work hard but they also know how to relax, I always have to relearn this when I come here and it follows me home for about a month and then I am in the same ol` rat race again. 

This is a peanut picker, have not a clue how it works. The peanut roaster wasn`t fired up yet this morning, but i will get a picture of that contraption one day for you....fresh roasted peanuts every day, always a treat

This is our Police Station, mostly empty these days, Mazatlan needs all the police they get  these days

This place sells roasted BBQ chicken .... Stone Island KFC. This is the standard BBQ here, if you can muster up one of these and a few plastic table and chairs you are ready to start up your very own restauant

Bought this chicken meal at the place above later that evening, half a chicken, rice, tortillas and salsa, feeds me for 3 meals, was 45 pesos

Next door to the chicken place is a hotdog stand, hotdog with a slice a bacon wrapped around it,  mushrooms, creama, guacamole, 3 different kind of salsa.....try eating that without have guac and salsa running down to your elbows. Wait until I write about what else they do here with wieners.

And right next to that is Thaly`s pedicure and manicure place, and in the evenings .... you guessed it, she has a BBQ and plastic tables and chairs....good good eatin there

Here you can buy Tamales and Bolis....Bolis is frozen fruit and or a popsickle 

This is the Church that  I go too now....small and cozy and very friendly

This is Daniel`s mechanic shop....I beat him to work, unbelievable. 

This is his oil changing pit

He trusts that no one will steal anything

On going construction at this house, 2 young boys have been mixing and carrying concrete since January here. Concrete is carried in 5 gallon pails on their shoulder and it`s mixed with a spade......these young lads are building some pipes on them....this is how boys become men around here....I think

The Tejuino is some kind of drink made from corn (can oyu believe I  haven`t tried it ) they also sell pozole here occasionally, that I have tried and it is gooooood!

The meat market....

Have you ever seen anything cuter than thisÉ

Another good eatin place

The dock where we go back and forth to Mazatlan  for 6 peso (one way)

fishing boats

The hill

These sign are all over, it says ``new american clothing is begin sold in Alba Lus`s house`` there is no address posted for Alba`s house because it is assumed everybody knows

This place has good food too in the evenings

This is the hardware store, I have made a fool of myself there a time or two due to my Spanishlish

Nice new house

Good food here too.....great papa locas

The super City Deli, reminds me of the Friesen`s General Store years ago back home

This house went up fast, they started building in January

In years past this guy had an assortment of vegetables in his garden, this year...just onions

pretty bright blue

Not afraid to go neon green here

Sailboat at sea

This will be a pretty one

Check out where this lady is cooking would you like your eggs cooked here in the horse fenceÉ

He bring his horses in from his ranch everyday and they hang out here at his home in town until the tourist go home at around 3 ish and then he herds them back to the ranch

This is the real cowboy life.....this just fits here,  I wouldn`t think twice about having eggs at this home if I was invited, the smell of horse poo floats all over this Island, you get used to it and when you first arrive in the fall it`s what lets you know you have arrived home again. 

Thanks for walking with me, stick around, tomorrow I am getting a lesson in making Ceviche. I will be bringing my note book and camera and will report back to you. Oh, by the way, somehow the whole Island heard I learned how to make tamales and I can`t walk anywhere without someone asking me how my tamales were. The vegetable guy was telling me today how to fry them the second day....second dayÉ There is never a second day for Tamales.....I ate them all the first day. 
By the way (how many times can you say ``by the way`` in one paragraphÉ .....anyway, you may have noticed this é or this É in places where there should be a question mark, it seem my question mark key has become a Spanish e.......have no idea how this happened but then again my laptop has always been smarter than me, I am not too proud to admit that. This had happened to me before and it fixes itself eventually.  


Contessa said...

Love you blog site and most especially this post. A great photo essay of the Isla!! Thanks for sharing.

Trinidad said...

Hello, I just recently found your blog and enjoyed viewing all of the picutures.

Good luck making the ceviche. When I married my husband (he's from Nayarit, MX) I didn't even know how to peel a shrimp! Despite this I can now whip up a ceviche at the drop of a hat.