Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aren't I just so funny?

My Spanish has just started to take off as it always does by the 3rd month I am here. It seems the first month I am still too self conscience to even open my mouth, by the second month I am struggling and getting frustrated and by the 3rd month I realize it's sink or swim and that's when it starts taking off.....unfortunately I only have 3 months here this year.
I can now follow a conversation in a group of people and even contribute a little, I am better one on one. However I don't get jokes....I'm that person in the group that doesn't get the joke, but that's ok because I am pretty funny all on my own. Here are some of the funny things I have said, I am only going to share a few otherwise you are all going to think that I am just funny all the time.

When I wanted to tell someone that I had changed my mind about something but didn't know the word for "mind" I said
" I've changed it in my head". She understood what I meant, love those creative thinkers.
When I wanted to say that a word had slipped my mind I said
"it's not in my head anymore" yup I think this ones a keeper, I am going to use this in English.
When I wanted to tell someone that I liked the garage he built but the word for "garage" wasn't in my head anymore I said
"I like the storage shed you built for your truck" he laughed and said "yes, that is exactly what it is, a storage shed for my truck". We speak the same language.
When I wanted to ask the dessert guy what the name is of the pudding that was in a pastry but could not remember the word for pudding I said (I never actually knew the word for pudding)
"whats the name of this cream" and he said "cream" gee why didn't I think of that. I wasn't convinced he was right because it clearly was puddling not cream so I challenged him and asked what kind of cream and he said  "cream of milk"....where I come from thats pudding.
When I wanted to ask the lady at the store for the soap that you use to wash your dishes with (dish soap) I said "I would like some ham, the kind you wash your dishes with" This one has messed me up before, the difference for the word for "ham" and "soap"  is one letter and I can't get them straight. Time and time I try it again because I know I have a 50% chance of getting it right...I never seem to though.
When I wanted to tell someone that I was very excited about something I said
" I am sexually excited"....yup, thats what I said. Turns out the word "excited" is a very touchy word, this time it was the dictionary that let me down (it has before) I don't talk about any kind of excitement anymore.

Most of the time if people can figure out what I am trying to say they don't even correct me anymore and for the most part they don't even laugh at me either unless it's really off the wall. I do the same with their English, if I know what they are saying I don't correct them either unless it's something really crazy as well. When I am trying to explain something to Daniel and he can't understand me he'll say in English "why you say that?" and I know he means to say "what are you trying to say?"

I had a great time today making ceviche but need to sort through my pictures yet, I'll get on it first thing in the morning. I'll leave you with a picture of my vegetable bowl for today.

What's in your vegetable bowl today? Or are you still old school and just have a fruit bowl?

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Contessa said...

I keep my veggies in my fruit bowl!! Here is one of my favorites, it's all in the pronunciation "hambre hombre".