Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tomatoes and some horse poo nuggets

Last year in January I planted some tomato plants from seeds that I had just from tomatoes from the produce truck. Well, now a year later I see that a few survived.

This sad looking plant has 3 tomatoes on it when I got here, I have since eaten them and trimmed the plant  and it has grown like crazy and now has 6 more tomatoes on it.

These got put in the ground a few days ago

and so did these
I planted my watermelon alongside the neighbors ugly barbed wire fence in hopes they find their way up the fence turning it into a pretty green fence. I will not be here to help them so they will be on their own. I did what I think was a very clever thing, I put a horse poo beside each plant in hope that it will act as a tea bag and as I water the plant some poo goodness will seep into the ground. This is totally new to me and we'll see if it works. Call it a poo tea bag.There is plenty of horse poo around here since I live on pony lane.

Another poo nugget there on the right
Thats a Hibiscus on the right and I have no idea what the name of the other plants name is, I planted on up against the house last year and it climbed like crazy in a year so hopefully this one will too

See the poo nugget there on the left

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