Saturday, March 26, 2011

A quick walk on the beach

Since I only have 3 days left here before I fly home I've been taking a walk on the beach twice a day now instead of just once......oh how I will miss this beach.
A visit from a Herring

It's low tide, love how it leaves little ripples

A rider passes me

and a tractor

See the dust cloud over in the plantation, that's a heard of about 25 - 30 horses coming to town to spend the day in hopes of   renting them out to tourists for an Island horseback tour. There are brown ones, white ones, spotted ones, fat ones , skinny ones, old ones, young ones......a favorite for everyone.

I get lucky and find a sand dollar thats not broken, thats 4 this year.....hard to find them intact these days with all the traffic on the beach

See the tip of the mountains, if you have a tall house here you can have a mountain view on one side and a ocean view on the other

More horses

And of course this little guy aways stays behind

Run little one or you are going to stay way behind and cry again 


Contessa said...

Love your shots...the sand dollar one is special! Sorry I haven't been to see you but we are swamped and plan to leave @ 6AM Monday. If you have a chance please drop by before we go.

Mary Klassen said...

Thanks, I packed 4 sand dollars to take home and all of them were shattered when I got sad