Saturday, February 20, 2010

olympic knitting

February 19, 2010
I am one of the 3000 people from around the world that signed up for Olympic knitting. Crazy....I know. The rule is you cast on a knitting project on the day the Olympic started and you are to be done by the time the games end. The project is to bew a project that would challange you but “not ruin your life”. Of course I always go way over board (which is why I can never go on a cruise) so I choose to knit a sweater....a whole sweater. Not just any ol’ sweater, a sweater that I have been drooling over for a long while and one that I would love to actually wear. Yes I know this is me who can never knit anything other that scarfs and shawls because nothing ever fits when I am done. 
I can always hope that this time will be different, I know I will not be able to blame the wool this time, I have perfect wool. It’s a very amazing baby alpaca just like the designer used in her pattern. You may also drool over it here if you're interested.
 Of course time is not my friend either, the silly Olympics are only 17 days longs.....yikes. So far I almost have one sleeve done...almost. I should have rented a cabin in the woods somewhere and took only my knitting with me.....I could still see me daydreaming away 17 days. 

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