Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Memory of............

As you know I have been staying at my friend's house since returning from Mexico, but I am home now. I moved back home this weekend and am once again reorganizing my life. Before I get into all that I do have some show and tell. I did write about it very briefly a while back, I was cutting up my friend's deceased husbands clothes and making memory quilts for the kids. I have completed 2 queen size guilts and my friend made herself one as well, it was great therapy for her and if there is anyone out there who has lost a loved one this is an amazing thing to do to carry on his/her memory forever. These kids will have these quilts forever. As the quilts kept getting bigger and bigger I was a bit disappointed that they were so big, I figured they would get to big and heavy for little kids to carry and pack around but now that they are done I am glad because they will never grow out of them, they are queen size and they can even use them as they become adults. The kids love them, one of  them made a comment that it is like cuddling with dad. Well worth all the work, probably the most treasured and worthwhile thing I have ever made. Both quilts have identical pieces in them but are sewn  together differently. I made sure to include some buttons, pockets and tags so that it would never be forgotten that these were dads clothes, even included his painting shirts. The pictures are a bit blurry I thought my camera was having a fit but a few days later I discovered that I had just accidently had it set to some weird setting. For some reason I don't have pictures of the 3rd quilt, I'll make sure I'll add it later. There are still heaps of bits and pieces and my friend and we plan on make potholders for each of his sisters, hopefully this week yet. 

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