Saturday, February 20, 2010

Out with the plastic!

February 19, 2010

Since reading Kevin Trudeau’s book I have been slowly making some changes to my life. I plan on living a more natural life, which hopefully ends up being a simpler life and I am hoping that the end result of simpler will be less stressful and more freeing. Right now I am trying to get rid of the plastic in my life, not all plastic as that would be very very difficult but just the plastic in my kitchen. Food stored and heated in plastic containers absorbs toxic chemicals and end up in your body, this is not new news to me, I’ve heard of it for many years but I just never took it seriously which seems so ridicules to me now. If you’re already told its toxic why keep eating it? Probably the same reason I smoked for many years even knowing how bad it was, same reason why I used to speed in my car even though I knew “speed kills”.......and what reason is that you ask? I have no idea, all I know is that I don’t smoke anymore, I don’t speed anymore (hardly ever) and I don’t want to eat toxic chemicals anymore. So I have been hunting for glass containers with nice lids, it seems Pyrex is the best choice but those guys really value their product and are a bit pricey for this cheap gal, plus I know I’m going to break at least one a week transporting them back and forth to work everyday, and probably break at least one more a week washing them, this could be a very costly endeavour. I have gotten together some fabric that I plan on sewing into little baggies ( no more Ziploc...yikes) to pack veggies and fruit to take to work and maybe even things like muffins and cookies. This does create a problem for me in the grocery store as well, some of my favourite foods are sold in plastic container or plastic wrappers, like cottage cheese, cheese (love cheese) crackers, and of course potato chips. Not to sure how I am going to deal with this, I have found a source to get homemade butter, whole milk and cream and farm eggs. I guess I could make my own cottage cheese and cheese, I haven’t looked into how complicated that process is. Potato chips I could also make....or could just go without (yikes...not likely). I think these are the only items that would really pose a problem for the top of my head just now anyway. Living in Mexico during the winters has already taught me that is is possible to live without all the packaged and processed food, a little harder here that it is there but totally doable. Over the last few years I have slowly weaned myself off of most processed foods....I do fall off that wagon once in awhile but for the most part I can stay away from it. Of course it helps that I live alone and don’t have small children. I’m not sure I could have done this when my child was small, although I feel bad now when I think back on the bad food I feed that child sometimes. I think she took pizza pops to school everyday for about 7 horrible is that? Oh well, we cannot go back and change we can only change and go forward. 

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