Friday, January 4, 2008

Made a BIG mistake today

Hoooy, I made a big mistake today. There’s a Mexican gentleman that is in charge of making coffee at the church every Sunday and as I am now the new greeter I have gotten to know him a little. Today he casually mentions to me that he stopped to have a taco at a taco stand and it was an awful taco, I say “how can you go wrong with a taco, aren’t they all the same, a taco’s a taco, right?” Whoooo, he said “you did not just say that did you?” I was a little taken back by his huge reaction, “yes, they all seem the same to me from one street vendor to the next” Well, this man reacted as if I had just insulted every person he has ever loved or known and I got a long detailed taconology, apparently it is right up there with rocket science. A Mexican man takes great pride in the marinating, grilling, seasoning and chopping of the beef taco. So, he asked me if I’m up for a real lesson in the “real” Mexican taco, of course I am! Tomorrow night (most taco stands are only open at night) we will travel throughout a few different colonias (about 8) and order the same taco at each stand and see who has the best tacos. Can I eat 8 tacos in one evening? Maybe if we walk from colonia to colonia. I ask him if he would be totally embarrassed with me if I brought my camera, he said to bring my camera, notebook and pen and take notes as I am going to get a rare look inside the Mexican taco legacy. By the time we are done I should have a new appreciation for a “good” taco. I’m charging my camera batteries right now.

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