Friday, January 4, 2008

A lot of church

I do a lot of church on Sundays, first I attend the La Vina English service at 9 am where I have also been recruited to be the greeter, at 11 am I attend the Spanish service (same church same building) I do this to help me with my Spanish. Then I have time for a quick lunch and then at 3 pm I head off to Villa Union for another Spanish service. Today while we were setting up the chairs and getting our one man band set up I noticed a gentleman leaning up against our van, (we always drive a van because we always pick up about 3 or 4 Spanish girls that teach the kids Sunday school) I had not seen him before, so I went out and introduced myself and let him know we would be starting at 5 and that he was welcome to join us. He was very clean cut with the standard Mexican gentleman attire, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, big belt buckle but I noticed that his hat was clean, his pants were freshly ironed and his boots were shiny. The people in this neighbourhood are generally a little more worn and torn. I asked him where he as from, turns out he was here visiting from Durango (up north). When we were finally ready I noticed he was still hanging out outside, I ask Pastor Kyle to just go over and make sure he had understood me and that I had in fact invited him (I don’t trust my Spanish) He did join us for our service and when Kyle asked if anyone had any prayer requests he said that this was the first time he had ever been to church like this and that he had felt totally at peace from the moment he walked in and that he wanted to give his life to the Lord....Praise God! Too bad we will most likely never see him again as he is going back to Durango, but he’s going with a lighter and peaceful heart, and a Spanish Bible that Pastor Kyle gave him. Also, the little girl whose father let me use their bathroom last week (after I begged) came to Sunday school this time. Most of the La Vina churches have a very well attended children’s Sunday school, even if the parents don’t come the kids always seem to pour in.

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