Friday, January 4, 2008

A little disclaimer

It suddenly dawned on me that I should perhaps stop using people’s names on this blog, as it is open to the public and some people may not want their personal stuff posted on the internet. So if you are reading this and I’ve mentioned your name in any of my stories, I apologize for that.
Also, regarding the dates and words like, today, tomorrow and yesterday......these may all be wrong. I write my stories off line in Microsoft word and then when I have access to the internet I load them onto the blog, the blog automatically adds the date, it’s the date it is posted not necessarily the date that the story is written. Since I’ve moved to the Island I don’t have internet so I will continue to write my stories and then take my laptop into town and load them all. However, I am going to borrow an antenna of some kind from Al that might help me to get a wireless connection out here. Knowing AL they could very well be tinfoil moose antlers that I have to wear on my head while I’m standing on my roof...wait, I live on the roof....that should work then.

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