Friday, January 4, 2008

Casa Damasco and the meat market

Casa Damasco and the Meat Market
My day at Casa Damasco was rather uneventful. Sometime during the holidays they had a new kid show up, he looks to be somewhere between 18 and 25, a decent normal looking kid, doesn’t seem to have any handicaps and seems bright, I’m not sure why he’s there. Mirana, who always translates for us, was not there today so we were on our own. They had painted the place over Christmas, I love the colors, purple and blue but I wished I could have been there to do some cleaning first. Today we moved everyone inside to eat because it was too cold outside (I thought it was warmer outside than inside) I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but there is one gentleman that huddles with his knees pulled up to his chin in a corner all by himself all the time and never speaks, we could not get him inside. So we served him where he was. This morning I was reading in Matthew chapter 8 & 9 about all the miracles Jesus and his disciples preformed, and all the healing they did and I just prayed that I could see some of that at Casa Damasco, I don’t want to just read about it and tell people about it, I want to see it! Is this wrong, to want to see people set free miraculously? Is this man supposed to huddle in the corner until he dies of old age? What is to become of him? I don’t know what happened to him, or how he came to be in that corner and it shouldn’t matter, I don’t need to know, God knows. Otencia was full of conversation today and I listened intently and occasionally saying “entonces” and “no se”, we seem to be getting along ok. I was hoping she would have shed some of her baggage for the New Year but she was still hanging on to it.
After I got home I made a list of things I needed for my crock pot recipe including the meat I needed, I wrote it down just like it was written on the recipe. I hit the general store first and then off to the meat market, as usual there were about 5 dudes hanging out and I was tempted to change my mind but the thought of supplementing my protein with eggs for another 4 months made me stop, and really..... How dumb of me. So I stepped up and decide to cheat, I asked the biggest guy with the apron on “habla engles?” (Do you speak English?) He smiles with a very friendly smile and says “poco” a little. I say ta bien, mi espanol esta poco” that’s ok, my Spanish is very little. He asks me what I need, I show him the paper, he doesn’t have any today, but by tomorrow morning he will have, he opens at 7 am............him and I must be the only 2 people up at 7 on this Island (I wonder if he has coffee on) I have noticed that Mexicans don’t like to get up early, hard to find a restaurant that’s open for breakfast before 9 am. I don’t have to be in Mazatlan until 10 am so it works for me to come back in the morning. Turns out all the dudes hanging out there were all very nice and no hootchy kissy sounds as I was leaving. I still don’t know why there’re hanging out there, but if he has real coffee on at 7 tomorrow I’ll be hanging out there too. Did I mention I only have instant coffee at my house?

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