Sunday, August 12, 2012

The tale of a yarn gone wrong

Let me tell you it has been very hot here, very hot for a long time (and dry) so hot in fact that it seems I have a melted brain...yup, had a total meltdown. Here is the story;

But first....this is how hot it has been here for weeks, this gauge faces West, I have a South facing one and the red needle is wrapped all the way around in the afternoons.

A long time ago (a few years ago) a lady that loves to knit decided to knit a very challenging project during the Olympics and she challenged knitters around the world to join her. The goal is to start a project on the day the Olympics start and finish by the time they ended. I joined in one year and didn't finish my project (surprise!) So this year I decided that I wasn't busy enough with my work, my gardens, my already started knitted projects, my already started paintings (all 5 of them) and my already started quilts...etc, I decided I needed a more challenging project than all those, because apparently I like to push myself all the way to the edge....the edge of sanity I guess.
I have this sweater, the one that I have written about before, it's too big for me and it's falling apart, it's rather ugly but I love it because when I wear it I feel like I am hugging a big warm sheep all day, (and who desn't want to hug a sheep all day?) but it's so big and starting to unravel in places.....So I decided that my Olympic knitting project this year would be to unravel it and reknit it.

Really needed some mending

My sweater hanging out on my tractor.....just  in case I need a sheep hug throughout the day

Don't do as I do, but do as I say, and now I am saying to you " do not ever, ever unravel your favorite sweater, unless you have practiced with a sweater you don't like....and it went well". This is not going well at all and my sweater is becoming a pile of about 24 inch long pieces of yarn.....lots and lots of pieces, it is not unraveling as it should ,(in one long piece)  there is some kind of funny knot at each end making it impossible to unravel from end to end. I am watching my favorite sweater become little pieces. I could cry. I might yet. This was always my go-to-comfort sweater and now it is lying on the couch in a heap of curly sheepy looking yarn bits.

Don't sit there.....that is where my sweater is sitting....and has been sitting there since the Olympics started .

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