Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gourmet Meals & Dish Soap

All is well again with Thelma, she is her usual chatty and pushy self and is back to laying an egg a day. I am still adding a bit of flax seed oil to their yogurt everyday just in case they are in need of some omega 3. I scored yesterday at the grocery store, they had some outdated (by one day) Greek organic yogurt on sale for 50% off, the girls were so happy. Which makes me wonder, what do they do with it if it doesn't sell, most likely throw it out,  might go back and ask if I can have it for the girls. 

One of the luxuries of being single, aside from owning the whole closet, and using the passenger seat in your car as a closet as that you can have whatever you want for supper and not feel bad about it, you are no longer responsible for anyone else's health or setting an example for anyone. Last year some time I read "Alone in the kitchen with an eggplant" by Jenni Ferrari Adler, it's a collection of short essays of single people reflecting on their eating habits, it's a good quick read. Some people love eating alone, some don't, some just can't do it, it was very interesting. After my daughter left home mealtimes were down right depressing for me, just the thought of sitting down at a set table all alone was just awful, I hated it. I did it for awhile and cried in my soup bowl many a times until I started just standing over the kitchen sink and eating my food as fast as I could to get it over with.
Then I lived on the beach in Mexico and started eating outside, who could possibly be depressed eating on the beach with the sound of the surf. It was so relaxing, peaceful, and saying grace with sincere thanksgiving was just easier than when you are facing a big empty table where there used to be chatter and conversation but is now silent. The ocean is not silent, it lulls and rocks you continually. After I came back home from Mexico the first time I started eating my meals outside as well, and now I love it, I enjoy my food again, whatever it may be. I have even learned to enjoy cooking for myself. No one ever says "ewww what's this green stuff under the cheeze" or "why are the eggs slippery" or "what's this floating in the soup?" or "why are we having this AGAIN" When there is no one to criticize every meal is gourmet and perfect....what's not to love about that.

A great supper, granola, saskatoons, yogurt, watermelon and topped with ice cream, and some toast. 

My strawberry patch was told last year that if it didn't produce this year I would replace it with something more heard me. About every 3rd day I can pick a bowl of strawberries....also makes a great supper topped with yogurt and ice cream.

Things are coming alone, I love my green fence. 

Getting greener every day

This is a "before" shot, before the lilies are blooming...soon

On to a totally different subject and not related at all....that's how I write. I ran out of my favorite dish soap and it's only July. I bring this stuff back from Mexico. Seems strange to bring dish soap back when we have so many kinds in our stores. I like this stuff because it is solid, not liquid. Since I live alone I don't have enough dirty dishes everyday to fill a sink up with water and put dish soap in, it seems a waste to wash one plate and a spoon this way. With this soap you can dip your scrubbie in it and wash your plate and spoon real quick just under the tap, no need to fill the sink, because it's solid you have better control as to how much you put on your scrubbie, with liquid dish soap I find I always use way too much. I forgot to bring some back this year and just had the one container from last year. I need to start checking my list sooner when I am down there instead of leaving everything to the last week. 


Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your blog on my day off! :) Glad Thelma is okay. She is so cute (they both are). If I were you, I would want to cuddle them too! :)
Your strawberries are amazing! I found a patch of wild strawberries near Fort Simpson -- the yummiest thing I ever ate, I think. And now I don't even want to eat Cheezies, which is a big change for me! :)

Take care!

Contessa said...

Your photos are well as your life are very colorful!! Great supper choice, I love eating alone! I use the green liquid Axion, will try the tub stuff. Gracias!