Sunday, August 12, 2012

A bunch of unrelated photos

 Remember my beautiful moccasins? They took a beating from a dog and then from me. I wear out shoes, socks and slippers like no body's business, and always have. Had my parents tried to keep me in shoes they would have had to forgo other nessessities like food and electricity. Thankfully I loved to go barefoot....but at work I must wear shoes. Moccasins in rubbers are great in the spring and  late in the fall when it is wet and cold out......these are now officially worn out. I can't bear to throw them in garbage so they sit by door waiting for......not sure what. 

Love love love summer time snacking on a tractor......a baggy of this and 

A baggy of this

There are apples!!!!! On MY apple tree! Oh how amazing

There was one perfect cherry on my cherry bush.....maybe more next year. Seriously doesn't it look perfect?

Did you ever pass a truck on the highway with a box full of geraniums ..... you should have waved, it was me, spiffing up the 13th tee box at work

A little man came to stay with me for 2 weeks......sweeeeeeeeeeeeet, so soft and squishy he is. 

Apparently some termites hitched a ride to Canada in my high chair that i brought back from Mexico ....buggers!
Sometimes on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I paint and Thelma and Louise get to roam around in the yard....sometimes I paint? Once I painted...I think, maybe twice. 

Their coop is still their safe place, they feel out of place on the other side 

They do my weeding for me, so far I have enough weeds to satisfy them they haven't eaten any vegetables......that is why I don't weed....humm ...yes that's why. 

This didn't turn out as great as it actually was. 

Summer supper are the best, a big bowl of salad, different each day depending on whats available....add some feta, oil and vinegar 

Last but not least, I will print this picture and take it with me to Mexico and get someone to build this for me for my little Mexican kitchen......maybe I'll build it myself. I heart this very very much...mucho


Contessa said...

So much in one post!! Love the grandkid and love thay kitchen. It would be perfect in your Isla kitchen. I can see it.

Contessa said...

Love your fruit from your own trees! Special and perfect indeed.

That sunset must have been spectacular.