Monday, March 26, 2012

A Mexican Luxury

A luxury that I thoroughly enjoy here is watching my laundry dry, yes that is an actual activity that I have here. every once in awhile it is the perfect day to just stay home and watch the laundry dry, and if you time it right, or wrong, depending on how you look at it you can stretch it into a 2 day activity. Sometimes when it is extra humid it takes two days to dry laundry. 
This is something that I just don't have time for at home ...much. Once in a while I do sneak in a day like that but it just isn't the same because at home it feels like I am playing hooky and should be doing something else but here it is totally acceptable....which is why I call it a luxury. 

still having some photo problems
I am still working in the plantation with the nopales once a week as well, after coming in from the field comes the job of cleaning the nopales. It's a very relaxing job, we sit in the shade in the front of my house and watch people go back, not too many people go by without stopping and chatting for a bit. It's a time when I am once again taken back to my childhood. It reminds me of sitting in the shade beside my house and shelling peas, the same kind of work, except this leaves me full of pockys, the evening is spend sitting on my front step with tweezers pulling out the pockys and sometimes I fond some a few days later. 

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