Monday, March 12, 2012

At the market

I took my camera with me to a arts and crafts market the other day. 

Cute little tea sets....way way cute

Amazing art

woolen warm things

Pretty lady things

a basket for every thing

Wonderful smelling leather things

Need a guitar?

Shoe and shoes and shoes....

Even modern home decor

Remember ponies on a stick, kids here still have them, our modern kids at home can't them anymore because they would poke their eyes out or something...

A wooden toy for every kid

embroidery and bling ...beautiful

More warm things

Of course there is always candy

and more candy

The electric work was a work of art do you say Bisssit in Spanish

Cute ....waaay cute amazing

A shirt for a Spanish prince

A hanky for a Spanish princess

More leather 

This was not at the market, some day I want a fern like this. 

table cloths

A nice shot of my favorite plant at a friends house
That's it for blah blah, just eye candy.

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Contessa said...

I just love all the colors...