Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday night on the Island

It’s a small town Friday night...thats a song too, I believe by John Melloncamp but I am not too sure.  I have often wondered why I feel so much younger when I am here. I am not alone in this, another friend of mine here mentioned it as well a while back and after a brief discussion we still couldn’t pinpoint it. I think I now have it figured out. There are a few factors, one is the music....if English music is playing somewhere it is almost always old stuff, stuff that I remember from when I was a kid. I walked by a mechanic shop the other day and they had Cindy Lauper blaring on the stereo, remember her? She had a few huge hits and then disappeared.....she’s here. And Tiffany is here too, and how about the Grand Funk Railroad, they sang “The Locomotion”...yup, they here too, and of course John Denver is here as is Ringo Star and I heard Stevie Wonder the other day and I think Olivia Newton John is here as well. When I hear these songs it makes me want to dance right there in the street in front of the mechanic shop....makes me feel young. I asked the guy if he could understand the words to the song, he laughed and said no, he just likes the music, can’t blame him, who doesn’t like chiving to a little Manic Monday ...on a Saturday while you’re playing with wrenches under a 100 year old Chevy.

Another reason I feel young I think is because some things here as just like they used to be....when I was young. Moms send their kids to the store for milk and an egg (you can buy just one egg) and they are excited to go, proud as can be to be to be given this grown up assignment. I see them walking by my house cuddling an egg or steering their bike with one hand and swinging a loaf of bread from the other.
Some women still wear “house dresses”, remember Sears used to have a section of these, women wear these to do their house work and they walk to the store with their curlers in. The older women that is ....which makes me feel young; I am too young for a house dress...yet. Although I have been eying those dresses up, I like them and will wear mine proudly when it’s time and I am willing to experiment with curlers as well.

I hung out at the hotdog stand on Saturday evening for a few hours; brushing up on my Spanglish and watching the village do “Saturday night”. Across the street is a volleyball court, which is a cement pad with a net. There is a game going on, the teams are a mix of grown men, teenagers, and little boys all playing together, and only half of the players are wearing shoes and the other half are wearing flipflops. Right beside it is a Basketball court which is a cement pad that is raised about 2 feet, no boards around it; you just have to pay attention to where the edge is or you could break a leg .....or your head. Then, to raise the stakes just a bit more there are skate board ramps set up on the edge of the court and there is a basket ball game going on and kids on roller blades and kids on bikes jumping the ramps....all at the same time on the same cement pad with a 2 foot drop if your judgement is off. And kids of all ages playing here, not once did I hear a kid cry, because if you cry you might have to go home and can’t play anymore, and no one wants that, because there is nothing fun at home like video games or whole rooms full of toys. This isn’t organized by parents or even monitored, and it works, everyone seems to be having fun. This is how it used to be.....makes me feel young.  
Kids and adults still ride double or triple on a bike, just like we used to least we did until my sister got her foot tangled up in wheel spokes...ouch.
I get taken back in time so many times in a day here that is it impossible to get old.

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