Saturday, March 10, 2012

When I become a Spanish Princess.

The more time I spend in Mazatlan the more I love my little quirky peaceful Island but there is a little wee part of me that can get swept away in the magic of Old Mazatlan. Over the years I have probably taken 100s of pictures of old restored buildings. I love the architecture, love the colors, love love love the plants, the courtyards, the big wooden doors, and little balconies.
Maybe some day when I find my Spanish prince I will buy an old fixer uper like this.

Then early in the mornings I’ll stand on the little balcony in my white cotton nightie (that’s what real princesses wear) with my frothy milk and coffee and greet the people walking by. I of course will make a rule that you can’t park your car on my Street because it ruins the photos.

Or I’ll buy one that is already fixed up like this, (pic below) just in case my prince isn’t handy, that would be just my luck, I end up with a prince that doesn’t know how to mix concrete or has a bad back.  I think I would also make all my neighbours go back to burning coal since the power lines also ruin pictures. But then again, with a house this big my neighbours could probably not hear me sneeze....I would miss that.

Don’t you just hate it when it is so hot and humid and sticky that your shutter keeps getting stuck? Since I have spent most of my life in a land that has dry dry dry air, I welcome humid. I love Mexico.

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Contessa said...

...and I shall be your dog walker.