Thursday, January 5, 2012

Venados Mazatlan

Just before Christmas I took in  baseball game here in Mazatlan, every year since 2000 I have gone to at least one game a season and every time the Deers have won, I have never been to a losing home game. This year the Deers had a very bad season, I believe they finished the season in last place, but....they won the day I was at the game 7-4 and it was a great game. I am not a baseball fan but I love the excitement that seems to flow like electricity in the stadium, it creates a sense of camaraderie...of belonging, and patriotism.....and a few other being the sausage

opps...all gone, sorry guys, this is of course after I ate the sausage but before I licked the toothpicks
 Now to try and boost my ratings a bit favorite shot of the night

What can I was all good that night
I must confess though, I didn't take this shot, I did.....but I wasn't close enough and my zoom isn't strong enough but a friend was braver than me and walked right up to this fine gentleman and was patient and waited for him to get up from his seat on the bench. Thank-you #12 Jose Garcia

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