Friday, January 6, 2012

Pozole.....the reason for the pig

I don't eat a lot of pork, I stopped buying pork that was raised for commercial resale (most pork in all grocery stores) after I read Dr.Rex Russel's book "What the Bible says about healthy eating" and Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures", both these books changed my eating habits a lot. I do not follow all the recommendations in both these books because I am just not that disciplined. Removing pork from my diet was easy because I never ate much of it to begin with......until I met Mexican Pozole. I can no longer ignore pork. I would like to believe that the pork raised in Mexico is not full of toxins like our pork at home, I"m imaging the pigs are in a large pasture and are lazily grazing and resting in freshly turned straw every night after being fed a late evening snack of organic matter like watermelon rinds, orange peel, apple cores and some oats. That's my fantasy, let me have it please. I believe the sole purpose of the pig is pozole and he is honored to sacrifice his body to it. Every Wednesday is pozole day here on the Island. There is a lady (can't remember her name) that cooks up a big pot full over the fire. She is located across the street from the carniceria. Her pot is ready at about noon-ish. Bring your own container, if you forget the first time like I did they will scramble around and find you a container, when you bring your own make sure it has a handle to carry it because this stuff is coming right out of a hot hot pot and you need to be able to carry it. It always comes with a baggie of hot salsa....oh that stuff is soo good, seriously this salsa makes the pozole do not skip this, she also gives you a little baggie of shredded lettuce. Then stop at the tortilleria and pick up fresh tortillas and at the super for a container of sour not skip the sour cream either. When you get home cut up an avocado put it in your bowl with some salsa and some lettuce, a dollop (or 3) of sour cream, pour in some soup and enjoy. I love this stuff. I love it, so please do not send me emails telling me all the reasons why my piggy fantasy is wrong, untruthful, and that I am delusional and hypercritical....I know  it's wrong which is why I call it a fantasy. Every Wednesday I am choosing to be delusional and hypercritical. Try might like it too. 

All this for 40 pesos, this is 1 litre of pozole, you can easily feed 4 people with this

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