Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wonky Pictures

I have some catching up to do, sorry for being away so long. I have had some difficulties with uploading pictures and I know how boring it is  to read pages of text with no pictures so I just gave up an procrastinated dealing with the issue. This is what some of my pictures look like when I upload them, they look fine in my camera, they are fine on my computer and I have had no problems loading them onto Facebook, so I am convinced it is Bloggers problem. I have sent them a message and as of yet no response. Sometimes if I upload the same picture many times I will eventually get one that is not all weird, and sometimes not.

This is my excuse for being so far behind, that and life has been a bit busy...isn't it always? I did go back up north for 11 days for Christmas and a wedding, it was nice to see family and friends again but traveling so far in a short period of time is always tiring and I always feel so displaced and unorganized, especially since I couldn't stay in my own home as it is rented out....but all in all a great trip and glad to be back in the land of sun, sand and surf.....and tacos.

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