Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Commitment

I made a long term commitment the other day, it seems I have decided that this will be my winter home for a long time. More and more this place feels like home and as my Spanish improves little by little I get to know my neighbors and friends here a little better and understand their way of doing things better. The more I understand about this culture the more I feel like I belong here. When this little house was shown to me last week I didn't hesitate and have agreed to rent it year round...yes, year round. I will no longer have to pack up all my stuff at the end of the season, well....I will have to pack it but just not move it. When you leave a house unattended here you come back to mouse and gecko turds and mold if don't pack it up properly. My little house has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a big living room and most importantly a little yard which is like a blank canvas right now. I am already planning how I will landscape the yard and what I will plant. There are already 2 banana tress that have little bananas on them. I am excited for the yard and also very excited to finally be able to buy some glass dishes, I have plastic dishes because of all the packing and moving each year, and I'll finally buy a glass wine glass....priorities are in order here. All this fun has to wait until February when the people that I am house sitting for are back. In the meantime I make plans, gardening plans, then I change my plans, then I make new plans, then I see a garden and I change my plans a again...you get the idea.  Here is a little peek at my new casa, I have to think of a name for it. 

The first thing that will happen is the big tree in front will get a major pruning, I did not come to Mexico to sit in the shade

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Contessa said...

Casa Maria, bonita!!! Congratulations my friend. I am so happy for you.