Sunday, December 18, 2011

Heading North

I am sorry for not keeping this updated lately, I have had some difficulty with up loading pictures and videos (I finally learned how to use my video camera) but that is only 1/2 of my excuse, the other half is that I have just been too busy living life outside the house. I just can't seem to sit in the house long enough to get anything done.

Now I am heading north for 11 days, I am going to Canada for a friend's wedding and to spend Christmas with my family there. I will miss Christmas with my Mexican friends here, regardless of where I am at Christmas there will always be someone that I will be missing, that is just how it is when you live in two countries. I am not taking my laptop with me (this is our first trip apart ever) So I will see you in time for the New Year.
Since I can't post pictures I will leave you with this. The Canadian version;

And the Spanish version;

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Contessa said...

Have a wonderful visit up North!! We are keeping your computer from becoming too lonely.