Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the last post I briefly mentioned falling in love with a friend's shoes. You can read up on the shoes here, If you should decide to order some, if you could please put in the promotions comments "referred by Yasmine Moreno". Yasmine used to work for Victoria in the US and will be compensated for every referral.....just trying to help her out here, and I really love these shoes. They are more expensive that what I usually pay for shoes, but I have come to learn that I must treat my feet better if I want them to keep taking me places and these shoes are really comfortable and are a nice sturdy shoe. These are not flimsy shoes that you will throw out after a few days on the beach. You could even run in them...I think. My picture is crappy but I really wanted to show you the insole which they do not show you on the web site but is what made me fall in love with these shoes. 

First....this is the weird thing that is happening to all my pictures when I try to post them here, there is  a distortion on the bottom, they don't look like this in my files. Anyway....check out the removable insole of these shoes with the little cushions on them, I really really love these shoes. 

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Contessa said...

I have seen the shoes and I think they are great. By the way, wonderful header photo.