Monday, April 11, 2011

Yes SIr, Yes Sir two bags full......

It's official, I am an old spinster now, GUESS WHAT I HAVE?

A friend of mine's brother called a few days ago from Value Village in Edmonton and said there was a handmade spinning wheel and would I want it for $89....yes please, yes please yes please. Two days later I became a spinster....well not really, I haven't actually spun anything yet. I have no idea how to use this but I am so willing to learn....because, I've had 2 bags of wool stashed away since last fall. I got 2 bags of wool given to me from a farmer that didn't know what to do with it and just gave it away. I have always wanted to go through the whole process of getting wool right from the sheep to a wearable garment but when I got the bags of dirty, poopy, and oh so smelly wool I was a bit stumped at what to do next, it didn't look at all like the how to videos said it would look so I sent it to a place down south and they washed and carded it and sent it back to me all soft and fluffy and ready to spin. (16 lbs of it) It is so beautiful, so pure wool and so real. The funnest part I always thought would be the dying (I wrote about my dying daydreams last year here) but now when I saw the beautiful pure natural wool I have lost the interest in dying it.... for now. I can see a beautiful oatmeal colored chunky sweater...natural and real. Who knows, the dying bug might come back.....first, I need to learn to spin with this baby. I have found many videos, just need to get started.....but, it''t tax time, yup, I always come back just  in time for tax time, so that must happen first before I can sit down and spin.
No end to the excitement around here...oh and it's snowing.

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Contessa said...

You lucky old spinster!!! How lovely! By the way I do prefer your beach header but I guess you have to go with the flow....snow eh! We have -4C and snow in the forecast.