Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A cheesy fire

Two days ago it was windy, cold and even snowing a bit outside so I decided I might as well have a cozy evening beside the fire. Even though I do not like winter, which is why I winter in Mexico, I can appreciate a cozy evening by the fire. So I lit the fire, which is done by flicking a switch.....I know, so cheesy. I have fantasies of one day having a wood burning stove in my home, just like I fantasize of one day of having two chicken in my backyard....these are my dreams people, seriously. Anyway, I flicked on the cheesy fire and made myself a pot of tea and gathered my bags of wool and sat down and drafted the wool into long thin strips as I listened to wind howling really was howling I am not making that up. It was nice.

Yup, I still have 2 squash under my chair that survived the winter....right there under my chair, I am saving them for a special dinner. 

The end result was 4 balls of light, fluffy and creamy colored wool, I am still thinking I am not going to dye this batch. 


Trinidad said...

I have been following your blog for some time now. I enjoy reading about your projects and can't wait to see how this one turns out.

One of my favorite of your posts is "In Memory Of..." where you wrote about cutting up your friends desceased husband's clothes and made the squares into a quilt. I thought it was an awsome idea in that it touches the hearts of the loved ones. It has even inspired me to do it sometime soon (my father-in-law recently passed away) for my family. The problem is I don't know were to begin, but I am determined.

Thanks againg for the inspiration.

Contessa said...

Love the cozy scene, do you have another rocking chair? -3C this morning here. I think the wool is going to weave a stoyr of it's own.

Mary Klassen said...

Trinidad, sorry to hear about your father in law's passing. You will be giving such healing to the family by making that quilt. The first step is gathering the clothes when the family is ready to do so, I only used his shirts. I started by cutting off the collars, then the sleeves by the armhole seam and then the shoulder seams and then cutting the side seam, I assessed the amount of fabric that was left and that decided the size of my squares and then cut them into triangles (not necessary) from there I randomly sewed the triangles back into squares. And then sewed all squares together randomly as well. God bless you.