Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some itty bitty little ladies

The biggest excitement this week for me think was the arrival of 35000 ladybugs at our local greenhouse, where I go almost everyday (sometimes 3 times a day) to get my green fix. They came all the way from California by plane and then by bus from Edmonton and then by DHL to the greenhouse, quiet a journey for itty bitty little lady bugs. The little ladies were brought in to keep the aphids under control, our greenhouse does not use pesticides of any kind, they bring in different types of bugs to kill other bugs. I did manage to get some shots, not very nice ones, for some reason the last few days I haven't gotten very nice close up shots, not sure what is going on.

All that black stuff is poop, they pooped a was a long journey

Aww, here is Grace, the greenhouse rabbits who eats the weeds. There should be baby rabbits for sale here by Easter......Lord help me not to buy a rabbit, I have fantasies of rabbits and chickens in my backyard....and a goat, maybe a sheep..anyway

Then I just meandered a bit with my camera

Sp pretty and green

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The last of the ladies

What else happened this week?

I've been spinning some pretty funny blurry lookin yarn......I know now why they call spinning art but haven't discovered why it is referred to as therapeutic and peaceful.....oh what a tangled mess we spin we at first we set out to...

What the heck is this you ask......why it's art

The pea fence got hung up.....ok so it's just a funny lookin net but you wait until the peas are climbing it. If it looks half as good as it does in my pea fantasy I'll be happy. 

Some leaves got raked and some snow melted

The greenhouse got heat and water today, a trial run tonight and then tomorrow the plants move in

The bird feeder got some action finally

The cucumber are stretching their necks for sun.....and getting a little leggy

My second batch of sprouts got started......I am loving sprouts in my salad. My the way, don't sprout pinto beans......taste terrible

My vegetable bowl art is back to being invaded by fruit......I'm trying to make it look better and maybe it will taste better, which I think is working, I had a great fruit salad for breakfast today

My down time projects, a knitted head band to keep my ears warm and the very lovely Jane Eyre

A batch of fresh home made yogurt....weird picture again. 
So aside from the tax prep (which is running around the house scratching my head saying "I know I saved that somewhere", and "now, where did I put that" ), running back and forth from the golf course, still having internet problems and no phone yet..grrr.......that was my week. I've blown a week away again it seems. Oh....and I made delicious fruit ice creamy/sherbety/creamy dessert which I will share another time, my picture were not nice at all.


Contessa said...

How could you say you have blown a just showed us photos of about 3 weeks worth of activity?? What vitamins are you on, I want some? I brought ladybugs in once but they didn't stay long as the garden is out in the open. The sprouts look yummy.

Mary Klassen said...

yes I should have mentioned that they spray the little ladies with a ginger ale/water mixture so that their wings get all sticky and they can't fly for about 3 then they have found food (aphids) and they don't fly away then. As for vitamins...nada. Sprouts are fun to grow and so green thumb needed