Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Great New Site

The La Vina Church in Mazatlan has a children's feeding program where they go out to 12 different location throughout Mazatlan once a week and feed kids a healthy meal. This takes a lot of volunteers and of course money. During the high tourist season (Dec, Jan, Feb) the congregation at the church on Sunday mornings can reach 400 people, come March the people start dwindling down and so do the donations that go to the feeding program. By May there can sometimes be as little as 50 people in church....this hurts the offering basket. Even though the church is empty the kids still need to be feed and so the crunch is always on to raise all the money needed to run the feeding program in the 3 months that the church is full. And so, a wonderful couple came up with a little fundraising program that can bring in some money year round. It is great for us travelers. When you are traveling you tend to miss out on friends and family members birthdays, anniversaries,and a lot of other important events, and even though you can't be there to share the event it would be nice to be able to send a card, but the mail system does not always work, especially here in Mexico. Now I can go online and pick a card, I can put in a personal message, I can even add a picture and it gets sent in the mail...yes in the mail, this is not an e-card, it;s a card in an envelope with a stamp on it, for $2.99 and $1.50 of it goes towards the La Vina's feeding program. What a great program! While this is great for me it is great for you too, you can shop for a card at home and send need to go to the post office to mail it. This is even greater if you are like me and have the card riding around in the car for a few weeks before it even gets to the post office, it sat on the dashboard until it fell to the floor and then got stepped on and then coffee spilled on it and by the time I get to the post office it's just not gift-able anymore so I decide that I will just phone the person and say Happy Birthday instead....well...that happened once. Anyway...
They have a huge selection of cards and you can still write whatever you want in it, you can even do it ahead of time and tell them when to mail it. You could sit down with your address book and buy all your birthday cards for the year and be done....they will mail them when it is time.... brilliant or what? So here you go.... paste this in your browser and send someone a card.

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