Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Olympic knitting project that did not get a metal

Remember way back when, when the Olympics started I signed up to knit a sweater? Seems so long ago, so long ago that you would think I would have worn my sweater all over town already. Well, the sweater had been all over town, and in surrounding towns but instead of on my body is has been riding around in my knitting bag. By the time the Olympics were over I had one sleeve.....one sleeve does not a sweater make. Today the sweater is completed but is still hanging out in my knitting bag (it likes it there, it feels safe there) It seems I will be frogging it (unraveling) and it is all my fault, cannot blame the pattern or the wool this time. The front and the back is knit separately flat until you get to the armpits, and from there you join it and knit in the round. When I knit in the round for some reason I knit tighter and somehow my stitches get slanted, when I noticed my tight stitches I eased up and thought when  I would block it they would all blend in together and not be noticed. This is not the case, there is a very distinctive line where I started knitting in the round and it is right across my boobs and it looks awful, and must be frogged. I will frog it to the armpits and start all over with a looser stitch. I'm procrastinating because right now I can say my sweater is done, I like saying that.

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