Thursday, January 7, 2010

The last day

My last day here was rather tiring. I ran around and returned some borrowed things, farmed out my plants that were in pots, the ones in the ground are donated to the iguanas I guess. A friend took my pot of cucumbers and dill, I figure with some love and protection from iguanas the cucumber should come back since just the tops were  munched off. I was supposed to teach her how to make pickles, you can't buy pickles here and someone had once given her a jar from the US and she absolutely loved them. I told her I would help her make them but now I am leaving before there is any dill or baby cucumbers. She has e-mail and as soon as she has a crop of dill and little cuks I will send her step by step instructions...any monkey can make a pickle.
Also did a bunch of laundry and packed up my house, tomorrow it all gets put in storage again, my little pile of storage gets bigger every year, this year I am even leaving my pjs behind, and some books I had brought and not read yet. I visited the painter guy and dismantled my painting that isn't really a painting yet, I debated leaving it here but I think I will have time to finish it this time as I am not scheduled back to work until golf season...about mid April. Painter guy and  his wife are very friendly and I ended up chatting for quite some time. As I walk back to my house (on Pony Lane), and dodge horse poo poo I think of how I am going to miss gathering poo each morning, but then again...I won't need poo and more. I also finished the Tiffany neck warmer and it curls on both edges making it look rather ... well, not nice, I was not happy. It was curling while I was knitting but I thought blocking would help but it did not, so now it is not giftable. I had started the second one but I frogged it real quick and cast on for a Baktus ( picture is a few posts ago) Of course it will not be done in time for gifting..oh well, it will be my plane knitting. I have 5 hours so I am carrying on enough yarn to make 2 (I'm always over ambitious) and besides, what if we have delays and I run out of yarn...yikes.
A friend came over and get this! She lent me a set of sheets so that I don't have to pack away my sheets after using them one night (I washed them today) So, when I get here next time my sheets will be perfectly clean, not even used one night. Isn't that awesome...people are so great. Since I had packed up all my dishes and still had a can of tuna left I had tuna, tostadas and a tomato and an avocado for supper, shortly after the tamale lady came is Thursday is it not?...she's not due until Saturday, I had canned tuna for supper when I could have had tamales one last time. Ey yi yi. My land lady came over and we had a good visit, I feel bad for her, she has such a heavy load. She lost her husband 2 years ago and has 4 children, she is the same age as I am and I just can't imagine being in her shoes, all  I can do is just listen to her and pray for her.
I had people popping by all day, I had planned on just laying in my hammock for most of the afternoon but I didn't get a chance....used it to dry some laundry on when I ran out of lineOne lady came by to invite me to supper but I had to decline because another friend was going to come by around that time for tea, so she says "oh, you'll need something to serve with your tea" and she runs home and comes back with a plate of tarts...people are so great. When I get home I am going to try to pay more attention to my neighbors and try to lend and hand....and have tarts on hand. I am always willing to help when someone asks for help but I don't' seem to notice on my own when I could do something for someone, I'm just not a very thoughtful person. I never have a gift on hand or tarts....I'm going to stock up of gifts and tarts when I get home....maybe my Baktus scarf will turn out better than the Tiffany warmer, it would be a nice gift....with some tarts, you think? 
I'm going to leave you today the same way the day left me, with an amazing sunset. 

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