Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To blog it or not to blog it

 I'm heading home on Friday the 8th. I've been debating about how I would blog about this or if I should at all but it seems that I really need to otherwise I would just take you from my hammock to the icy cold chilly north within 5 hours and you would all wonder how we got there and why. I won't go into too much detail because that would mean getting really personal with some else's life, someone that hasn't agreed to share her life on line. I have a dear dear friend that just lost her husband yesterday after a short tough fight with cancer and I am heading home to be with her during this hard time. I don't plan on coming back until next year, possible November or December someone time.....that's actually not even next year, that is this year. And so I am spending my last days here getting together with friends one last time. Went into Mazatlan yesterday and had lunch with a friend and now it seems the whole Island wants me to come to their house for supper before I leave.....I don't have that many suppers left. I figured I would have to eat out every night because I already gave back my borrowed pan and pot so now I can't cook anything.....seems I need not worry about supper. I did boil a potato and carrot in 2 little metal cups last night....I love my favorite potato dinner. I am frantically knitting a Tiffany neck warmer for a friend here....was hoping to make 2 but that might not happen.



Pam said...

Mary please contact me at my email address

I amm sorry for death of your friends husband.

mary said... is my e-mail address
you didn't leave me your address