Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

 December 25, 2009

Luke 2:11 For there is born to you this day in the city of David a saviour who is Christ the Lord.
Today I am reflecting on the birth of Christ and not so much on Christ Himself but on the Mother Mary and I am reminded of the day I gave birth to my child. Not that I can compare myself to the Mother Mary at all but we are both mothers. I can’t say for sure but I believe that the moment Mary first held her son and looked into His eyes she saw her son as a baby not as the King that He was. The Bible does not go into details about her feelings and emotions at the time or how she felt when people came from far and wide to see her baby. We read in Luke 1:32 that she was told that He would be great and He would be called the Son of the highest. Did she know that people would worship Him and bow down before Him at birth already; did she know people would search for Him for days just to get a glimpse of Him? How did she feel when everyone was crowding around her in the little stable trying to get a glimpse of her little bundle of joy? I remember how I felt when everyone was crowding around my baby and my crowd was not nearly as big as hers. I really just wanted to be alone with my baby, I wanted to hold and cuddle her and tell her all the things I had been waiting 9 months for to tell her, I had been waiting for 9 months to hold her and I didn’t want to let go. I remember when she as about 5 days old her father wanted to go out to eat and I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to tell him why. I didn’t want to share my baby with the world just yet. I knew people would come up to me and say “oh, can I see your baby” and I would have to unwrap her from her pretty pink blanket, and some people would even ask if they could hold her, I didn’t want that. I didn’t like others holding my baby. To this day I still don’t ever ask a mother if I can hold her new born baby because I remember how I felt at that time. Of course I just smiled and let them hold her but was always so relieved when she was back in my arms. It wasn’t that I thought something would happen to her or that someone would drop her or anything like that I just wanted her to stay in my arms. I never said anything because that would have been rude and as she got older it got easier until a time came when it didn’t bother me all anymore. I do still stand back when I see a new baby being passed around at a baby shower or in the middle of a group, I don’t participate. As I remember this time my heart breaks for Mary as she had to share her son with the world right at birth and in the end she had to stand back and do nothing as He gave His life for the whole world. As I think of the pain and agony she must have gone through as she watched her son get torn part and nailed to the cross I have to remember that God never puts anything on us that He knows we can’t bear. She was willing and obedient to the very end and I am grateful to her for that. Mary was chosen by God to be Jesus’ mother just like I was chosen to be my child’s mother. We are all chosen for certain things in certain times and through Christ we can endure all things and through Christ all things are possible....all things are possible, all things.
Merry Christmas
Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.

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