Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And so I am still a geek

I quite often refer to myself as a geek because when I get a new idea or even just a thought I can't let go of it right away without a lot of research, dreaming, and fantasying about it. For instance this past summer a friend and I noticed that it is very hard to buy real wool, hand dyed wool in our area...well not just very hard, down right impossible. So, we started talking about buying raw wool and dying it ourself. I spend some time (ok...a lot) into researching hand dyed wool and collected and photographed different things that inspired the different colors we were going to create....mostly weeds, leaves, water and clouds...as you can see in my pictures. The one on top was to be August Fireweed and the one below September Fireweed and then Morning pond, of course these would have to be variegated wool. All along, knowing full well this was just all talk and wasn't going to happen, but my geekness wouldn't leave it alone. We did do a lot of talking about it. Well my geekness has followed me to Mexico. About a week before I left home I went into a fabric store and saw some beautiful, beautiful quilting fabric, I loooooove quilting fabric, I like to touch it, hold it, pet it and buy it  and store it nicely folded in my drawers. I have quilted with it in the past but not recently. I had no need to buy more at that time, I was leaving for Mexico and would not have time to quilt anything....but ohh, it was all so beautiful. You would think in almost 2 months time I would have "let go", but no. I have been online looking at quilting patterns, and more patterns and more patterns, because I seem to think that as soon as I get off the plane when I get home I will start quilting so quickly that I must have the pattern in my hand at that time. So I have found the pattern that I want to use and so you would think that that would be the end....not for a geek. I have also found the cutest pattern for a summer top that would work for one of the fabrics that I saw (yes I can still see them,,,all) Bear in mind here that it has been a long time since I have sewn clothes and I have actually never sewn anything start to finish that was wearable without some involvement from my mother, but yet here I am sitting under a palapa in front of the beach surfing (hah ha hah) for blouse patterns

for days on end...yup for days I say. And the picture on the right was one of the many winners, isn't it cute. I believe I can make this without my mother's help. The tutorial for this little blouse can be found here: http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=791 although the one in the picture has some modifications, which I would make as well. So I have spent quite some time  imaging this in a few different fabrics and colors...as any geek would. I'm imaging it in many fun summer prints and colors and in a classy white and black or in the modern chic brown and pink and of course my all time favorite..... in all shades of green. This little top can go from a picnic to a wedding with a simple change of fabric......one would need to buy many many fabrics. Now.......If I get home and you all are already wearing one of these I will be so miffed, actually more like jealous, so if you decide to make one (I know you are all just dying to have one) please e-mail me pictures because that would soften the jealousy blow...I think. I think I am pretty safe because right now it's - 30C or something like that and just not summer top wearing weather, but some of you might want to get organized and get ready for summer early. In my days and days of research I did also stumble across another little ditty.

It is the Baktus scarf, and once again can be changed up just by changing the wool and from doing it in a knit stitch like the orange one or in a stockinette stitch like the lighter colored one. Oh the possiblilities are endless. Of course, I had just cast on for some long lacy gloves....yes I need long lacy gloves for those late night boat rides across from the mainland...it's a windy 6 minute ride, a lady needs some lacy gauntlets. Below is the web address for the free pattern for the Baktus scarf.

Here is a picture of the gauntlets I am making, mine are black in a Alpaca/silk blend. I am hoping because the Alpaca packs some warmth that these will be warm even though they are lacy. The book by the way is beautiful with wonderful patterns that are easy to follow...mine you I have only made one pair of mittlets out of it so far (mittens without fingers). Any monkey can make those.

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