Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ready for Christmas

December 23, 2009
My computer tells me it’s December 23, if I hadn’t looked at it I would never have known that it is only two days before Christmas. In the past I would have been a complete basket case today, trying to take care of those last minute Christmas preparations. The people from the trailer park have been collecting donations to put together food and gift hampers for the people of the Island and today they delivered 2 truck loads of hampers, they had 700 hampers made up. God will honour them for that someday. There is another American guy here who apparently has built himself a sleigh that he pulls behind his guad and he fills it with Christmas goodies as well and he delivered his as well today. I didn’t even go and have a look I was too content with my painting, it would have been a sight to see.
Ironically today (which is usually the most stressful day of the year) I finally felt relaxed enough to start on my painting. I went over to see the painter guy and he and his wife were most helpful and we also had a nice long visit. Turns out she’s the lady that passes by my house everyday walking an Alaskan malamute, not a big one like I used to have but a beautiful little cute one. I got my canvas stapled and spent the afternoon prepping it. Until it rained...yup rain in December is unheard of here but it rained. It was not a warm today at all, and at times over cast. I took my long sleeve cardigan on and off all day. It didn’t stop the tourists from going in the water or from renting banana boats and kayaks. At about 2 pm it started to rain, just a wee bit. As soon as I had my canvas and stuff put away in the house it stopped. Of course as soon as it started the power started to flicker, the electricity is just not made to withstand any weather at all. The good thing about a cool day like this is the iguanas are not out, have not seen a single one, although since I started feeding them they haven’t been nibbling on my plants. I am worried they will discover my dill and cucumbers once they start getting taller. I do have a plan if that happens, there is a lot of fish netting laying all about here and I could close off my little garden area with fish nets, it just wouldn’t look very pretty....and my now you ‘al know I’m all about pretty...ha. Which reminds me, I am going to scrub and scrape my toes tonight in prep for any Christmas activities I may be attending.

A few days ago a gentleman came and asked me if it would be ok with me if he and a few friends had a bonfire on my beach. It isn’t really my beach, the beach is public and I am not to sure where the property lines are, I would assume at the high tide line but I really don’t know. So I can’t really stop anyone from partying on “my beach” but he was nice enough to at least ask. I told him I wouldn’t mind at all but I hoped they wouldn’t party into the night keeping me from sleeping. He laughed and said they would be lucky if they could stay awake until 10 pm. I said “well...that’s my kind of on”.  I may not even be here I may go into Mazatlan for a Christmas Eve service at the church; I might catch the tail end of the party. A few days ago a group of about 20 people carrying all kinds of camping gear and drums...yup drums stopped and started to get settled in on “my beach” I was watching and silently praying “please no, please no, please don’t camp and drum on my beach all night long” but something wasn’t right for them and they picked up and moved further up. I saw them later all set up in front of the cantina and when I was lying in bed that night I could just faintly hear the drums...thank-you God

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