Friday, January 1, 2010

Shopping? Or Adventure?

December 30, 2009

Today was supposed to be my shopping day. A friend of mine is up from Canada and we had agreed to meet today to do some shopping, I thought this has been her idea but she says it was mine...either way, it was an unsuccessful shopping trip, and now both of us don’t know who to blame. It mainly sucked because when it comes to shopping I have the attention span of a 6 week old puppy. I become whiney and cranky very quickly, but this was supposed to be different because we are in Mexico which makes it an adventure and I really needed some stuff....remember, I need some bling after my incident at church on Tuesday. So for a few days already I had been making a list, I wanted some nice blingy shoes and a blingy purse to match and some rhinestones for my toes (I’m serious here) I needed some yummy smelling soap and some shampoo, I needed a few more strings of Christmas lights (since I blew mine up). A lot of people here have Christmas lights up all year; they use them as “lights”. Dah. I also wanted to go to a pharmacy and get muscle relaxants that cost me a gazillion dollars at home and I have to have a doctor’s prescription some of you know I am a bit uptight and have many muscle problems due to that, it’s a problem that I am working on. I already know that I am not a good shopper and I also know that I prefer to shop alone because of that, why subject other people to my issues, but this was to be an adventure. Regardless of what you call it, it was not successful. I did not buy a purse or shoes or lights. Did buy shampoo and soap and got my muscle relaxants, really had to hold back from gobbling them all up after all was said and done, instead I bought a bottle of Kahlua...also a muscle relaxant. I just can’t seem to walk, and keep my eye out for purse or shoe and keep a conversation going with my shopping partner while not getting run over by a bus, be polite and smiley to everyone, talk to the sales clerk that is helping me and keep conversation going with shopping partner, move on to next store, look around and browse, thinking “do I want these or do I want those” and keep conversation going with shopping partner while head is somewhere else.....I can’t do it. I went home......was very happy to get home to my Island where you can’t do any shopping even if you wanted too, you can shop off of Salvador’s vegetable truck....that’s my kind of shopping. However, I do still need/want new shoes and a new purse and I will go in alone and not even tell anyone that I am going...just a precaution. Maybe I can convince Salvador to start selling shoes and purses from his truck. 

I went over to the trailer park to complain/whine/inquire about my very intermittent internet and to borrow an iron from a friend and here’s what’s happening there;

-       - 2 men were peeling the bark off a coconut tree because they each want to take one home, apparently if the bark is not on it you are allowed, why do they want to take it se, probably the same reason I want to take coconut home (which by the way all went mouldy)

-       - One woman just finished reupholstering another women’s RV, complete with curtains and cushions....yes! She has a sewing machine.....there is a sewing machine next door to me.

-       - One man was monitoring a ship out at sea with binoculars, but he got dizzy because his hammock was moving a bit and the ship was moving a bit and the sea was moving a was just all too much.

-       A couple of women were monitoring the sunset and measuring how much it moves every night (I thought I was the only one doing this)

-       - About 4 men were working on a tree trying to set up an new modem for out internet

-       - One women took the time to show me how to crochet a trim of little beads onto the edge of a pair of socks (me needs to go to town and buy some beads and socks now)

-       - One woman had bought an old washing machine that has a wringer that works by cranking it and the machine agitates by moving a metal rod that comes out of the machine, you stand there and move the rod. I have a word for this machine in German but don’t have one in English; it’s a Schtook voosh machine. It was for sale somewhere for $8.00 and her husband had the nerve to barter it down to $5.00.

-       - Another man was going to lower his hammock a few inches because he thought it was getting to be too much work to lift his legs that high, he does not want to get over worked.

-      -  One women had gone into the mainland 3 times already this week and all her neighbours are talking about what she could possibly be doing there.....I’m thinking why not just ask her, but speculating seems to be way more fun.

That is all I have to report today, now I need to go and lay in my hammock and wait for the Kalhua to kick in and fantasize about all the pretty socks I will bead.....I don’t even wear socks. 

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