Sunday, February 5, 2017


Yikes, I've been away for a long time. If I still have readers, I thank you for waiting, if you've moved on I don't blame you.

I have no excuses, no fancy story as to why I didn't write. I wasn't stranded in the Himalayas without internet, didn't crash into the ocean and had to swim my way to Canada (what a cold swim that would be), I didn't break my fingers in a golfing accident (hey, it can happen) Didn't get lost in some rain forest (I wish) I just plain and simple didn't write. My life did take a little bit of a different turn (will get to that later) and I did get busy but not any busier than anyone else. I won't bore you with all my petty excuses.

So.....where to start? Do I back up or just move forward? I'll start by backing up a bit, I had some posts from last winter already written but just not posted....I know!!!! Stupid!

Shall we just pretend the little gap didn't happen and move forward? I say yay.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're back!
- Bonnie in Canada

Anonymous said...

Just checked to see if you were writing again - happy to see you are!
Sheila in St Albert